Welcome to volunteering with the Hornsea Biker Event

As a volunteer, you contribute our time, energy and skills in support of our causes.  We appreciate everything you do to help us raise funds for our chosen charities and to promote our charitable organisation in a positive manner, and helping to bring tourism into Hornsea.  Thank you for your commitment to the Hornsea Biker Event (HBE) and all our charitable work.

Sid Tracey

Chairman, Trustee and Volunteer.

Who is this policy for? Volunteers support the HBE by giving their time to carry out roles which have been agreed with the committee.  This relationship is based on trust and does not involve the obligations associated with employment. No payment, other than the reimbursement of agreed expenses, is made by the HBE to people who give their time as volunteers.

Recruitment. HBE welcomes and respects the breadth of experience, skills, dedication and goodwill that volunteers bring.   We will endeavour to base our selection on the ability of each applicant to fulfil the role concerned, taking into account any effect volunteering may have on the safety of all parties, our brand and reputation.

Age. In most cases you will need to be over 16 years of age to volunteer independently and under 18s will be asked for parental consent. We do not have an upper age limit for volunteers but there may be situations that require us to ask someone to stop volunteering- for example when health issues are considered a risk to the person concerned or others around them.

Equal opportunities and diversity.  You will be volunteering in an organisation that is committed to equal opportunities and diversity. This commitment is reflected throughout our policies and practices.

Responsibilities and Expectations. We want you to enjoy volunteering with us and we take our responsibilities towards you very seriously.  As a HBE volunteer, you will also be a representative of the charity and, as such, we ask that you act appropriately.

HBE Responsibilites.

  • To offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer
  • To match your skills and experiences with the right role for you wherever possible, listening to your motivations and aspirations.
  • To offer appropriate training and support for your role.
  • To celebrate success and recognise loyalty and dedication.
  • To respect all our volunteers and listen to what you have to say, consistently encouraging two-way communication.
  • To provide information about our charitable work, policies and procedures.
  • To reimburse agreed out of pocket expenses
  • To make necessary arrangements to ensure your health, safety and welfare as a volunteer.
  • To encourage a positive and friendly atmosphere.
  • To provide access to trained members of the group to support guide and advise you.

Our expectations of you as a volunteer.

  • To aim for high standards of efficiency, reliability and quality in your volunteering.
  • To work in partnership with other volunteers, committee members and the general public.
  • To support, respect and adhere to our organisational policies, guidelines and management decisions-including all aspects of equal opportunities, health and safety, data protection and use of our brand.
  • To always consider and protect the HBE good reputation in your actions and conduct.
  • To act responsibly and within the law.
  • To let your committee member know if there are changes in your personal circumstances that may affect your volunteering.
  • To have the best possible experience by getting involved and enjoying your volunteering.

Health and Safety. We are committed to ensuring your well being and safety whilst you are volunteering and, in turn, we expect our volunteers to contribute to maintaining a safe working environment.

All volunteers on the HBE must:

  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and other persons who may be affected by your actions or omissions.
  • Co-operate with Committee members by assisting them to fulfil their statutory duties.
  • Follow our health and safety policy and measures put in place by the Hornsea Bike Event or any other organisation whose premises you may be working on.
  • Report accidents/incidents or dangerous circumstances to a committee member whether or not any person has been injured.
  • Be aware of actions to take when an emergency situation arises and who, from the HBE to contact for support.

Copyright, Intellectual Property and Photography

The rights to any original works that you may produce in the course of your volunteering will belong to the charity unless otherwise agreed. Examples include photography, artwork, graphic design. We may use photographs of volunteers carrying out their roles for promotional purposes, for example in a leaflet or online.  If you do not want us to use your image please make your committee member know and the event photographer aware at the time.

Media Relations

No comments or stories should be given directly to the press, or to other local media, unless your volunteer role specifically includes this. Instead these should be referred to a committee member.

Date Protection and Confidentiality

During your volunteering you may come into contact with personal, sensitive or commercially sensitive information related to committee members or operational activity. We expect you to follow the data protection policy and the measures put in place to protect this information and to ensure it’s kept private and confidential at all times.


The HBE has appropriate insurance to cover volunteers. These include employers and public liability. However this insurance does not include cover for personal belongings.

Smoking and Substance Abuse

Volunteering whilst under the influence of alcohol or substance misuse will not be accepted.

Thank you As a volunteer you are an essential part of us putting on a successful event and raising money for charity.